A Word about Sea Salt

If you’re looking for the best colon cleanse, you should try the sea-salt and water recipe. Although aenemas are not medically supported, as most doctors believe in the body’s natural ability to get rid of toxins and purification, if you have an unhealthy diet, colon cleanses are a traditional form of detoxification. It is mostly met in the Chinese tradition, where people are used to drink this mixture in the mornings. Keep in mind that you should not perform this diet for more than 7 days. 5 days is the best recommended period to keep the diet. Also, allow your body to regenerate and to not experience imbalances, so do not repeat the diet for at least 6 months. You surely want to prevent your body from becoming aenema addicted, as recognizing it the only way to ease your bowels.

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Things you need before you start the diet: 2 teaspoons of sea salt or any other not iodized table salt; 1 quart still water.

  • Step 1. Mix together the ingredients above, stir well until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Step 2. Test the mixture before you drink. If it still tastes like plain water, add an extra half a teaspoon of salt. Blend together.
  • Step 3. Drink the whole mixture. It may have an unpleasant taste at first, but you’ll get used to it. Make sure to continue stirring after you started drinking, so that the salt doesn’t set down on the bottom of the glass.
  • Step 4. After you drank the mixture, lie down on a side in fetal position. Wait calmly in this pose until you have the urge to evacuate your bowels. It may take an average of 30 minutes until you feel discomfort. You’re expected to experience from 2 to 7 bowel movements. How does it work? The salt-water mixture is not digestible so it acts as an inner flooding, taking with it all toxins and waste.
  • Step 5. Drink a lot of plain water both before and after the cleaning. This way you prevent dehydration. You may need to repeat going to the bathroom so make sure you allow time for this procedure and not panic.


Let a doctor know you’re doing this cleanse. You may need one in case of serious dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

Choose mornings for the cleaning because, during the night, the body has already deposited the toxins to be evacuated for the next day.

It is better recommended to adopt a healthier alimentation during and after completing the cleaning. Improve your eating habits by consuming more green leaved vegetables and add juices to your diet. However, Master Cleanse is a good choice. Having a healthy diet, exercising daily and drinking plenty amount of water may even make your body healthy enough, not needing an aenema at all.

Liposuction Cost: A manageable Expense

This article is intended to provide readers with some important information regarding the cost of liposuction on different parts of the body.
Depending on the type of liposuction to be performed – and the part of the body to be treated, liposuction costs vary tremendously. Some procedures cost as little as $800.00, while more extensive procedures can run into the thousands of dollars. Geographic locations also play an important role; a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California will cost a great deal more than a plastic surgeon in Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition to location, costs will vary depending on the plastic surgeon that you select; however, costs are usually determined by which part of the body requires the fat removal treatment.

Tumescent Liposuction Cost

Liposuction Cost and Financing:

When determining the cost of a liposuction procedure, there are several variables to consider. Although liposuction is a common procedure that’s routinely performed by both plastic and cosmetic surgeons alike, the procedure does not cost the same between a man and a woman. Men have a different fat texture than women, and this makes the procedure more extensive and involved for men. Due to these differences, the cost of a man receiving the procedure is considerably more than a woman’s.

Another factor that can affect the cost of a typical procedure is a person’s age and health. People suffering from heart or artery problems, diabetes or auto-immune disease, restricted blood flow, or blood clots should not pursue a liposuction procedure.


Financing a liposuction treatment or any other cosmetic surgery is an extremely expensive proposition in the long run and is not widely recommended. If you feel that you have no other alternative available, you should apply for financing through your doctor’s administrative center.

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